O Gallery

An emergent art division of O Art International which exhibits,

in its physical and virtual galleries, artwork of more than 15 artists worldwide.


Each artist has a different technique; their works are presented in three formats, with prices established beforehand:


35 x 35 cm 250 USD

35 x 45 cm 350 USD

65 x 65 cm 550 USD


Argyro Lillie

Argyro was born in Athens in 1997, but has origins from Milos the Greek Island of Cyclades which was always very inspiring for her work. She is the youngest artist in O Gallery.

Because of the loss of her mother, who was a very passionate woman, she decided to follow her dreams and become and artist. Her father graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts and was majored in carving, but he completely changed the direction of his career and became a politician afterwards.

For the past three years Argyro has been studying painting, drawing and art history at Artik, under the guidance of the great Greek artist and teacher

Evangelos Papapostolou.

Caro was born in Venezuela, but she is almost mexican by choice.

She studied Graphic Design, 3D Animation and Ilustration in Mexico and Spain.

She likes to create characters for an illustrated world that represent, from her perspective, what she is attracted to.

Her favorite techniques are watercolor and markers.

Carolina G. Solar

Cheo Breñas

Cuban painter, muralist, writer and poet, graduated from the School of Fine Arts (1963-1967), in Havana, Cuba. For many years he devoted himself to the art of posters, making important inroads into billboards and murals for a living. Given the ease with which he writes poetry and his innate calling for visual arts, he decides to combine these two subjects in order to create what he called ”Cubicheo”, where he expresses his very own interpretation of Picasso’s Cubism with some Surrealist influence from his personal hero, the Spaniard painter Salvador Dalí. He uses bright colors with defined strokes and lines that cut out figures.

With this new and distinctive style, the artist intends to face reality with imagination; he excels in his peculiar way of painting hieroglyphs, nooks filled up with the beauty and curiosity that breath life to his work. Almost all his work is inspired in poetry; and here, his paintings are coupled by poems referring to them.

Chisko Mojica

Chisko was born in a family of artists in Tapalpa, México. He has been painting since he was 16 years old. His canvas became his world. He is a mural, metal, paper artist. He has his own unique style that has perfected throughout the years.

Experimentation with painting, sculpture, utilitarian art, murals or videos can be found all over his work. There, we can find geometric shapes, mystical creatures, mandalas, and Nahualism.

He is the founder of the “Chiskodelia”, an artistic movement that invites us to dream and create as a way of expressing and healing.

“Being realistic, art does much more for us than we do for art”.

Ibiza Castañeda

Born in Mexico City, acquired her studies in Cuernavaca, Morelos. She currently lives in Madrid with her family.

Her work has been exhibited at Galería el Guardián de Lo Pequeño, Madrid, Instituto Cultural de Brasil also in Madrid, and participated in Tributo a José Vasconcelos.

Jesús Saí

Jesús Saí was born on 15th January 1993, in Acayucan, Veracruz, Mexico. Despite his young age, this young lover of realist painting has participated in several competitions and exhibitions, in collaboration with great artists.

He competed in several drawing and painting competitions state and national level, and secured the first prizes. He has collaborated as a jury in drawing and painting competitions in different areas within the State of Veracruz. His works have been exhibited nationwide, in States such as Guadalajara, Mexico City,

Morelos, Tabasco, Oaxaca and Veracruz; and abroad, in Colombia. Jesús likes to experiment with different techniques, never restricting himself. His main allies are the ballpoint pen, oil painting, charcoal and instant coffee.

Joi Murugavell

Joi Murugavell was born in Malaysia, spent her early adulthood in New Zealand and currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

Her struggle with "the trials and tribulations" of human communication is reflected throughout her work. “Oodlies” are the characters that appear in her paintings and stand for the odd lies we sometimes tell ourselves and others.

“I want to get to know myself better, I do that through painting and drawing, as long as that keeps happening I feel I keep making progress. When I show my work, that’s a whole different thing, it’s not about my wants, it’s about what people see in themselves, or learn about themselves. Oh! Yeah! I read a cool thing by British artist Keith Tyson ‘Everything else is trying to sell you something else, art is trying to sell you yourself’.¨

KolectivË Feat

This group, in complicity with Lulú S. Puig and comprising artist inmates imprisoned in Reclusorio Norte and ex-convicts, has come together to carry out pictorial interventions from photographic works. Artists express their feelings, thoughts and yearnings through their art.

“By blurring the lines between reality and fiction, we are seeking to distract the machinery of unconscious creation and to dislocate the creation of conscious scarcity”.

Kolëctiv.feat is an intervention in itself.

Maurilio Tejeda

Also known as Alfredo Castañeda, born in Mexico City in 1968, currently living in Madrid, Spain. Acquired his bachelor degree in Arts and Design in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He has also been hosted in numerous exhibitions including Galería Musuri in Madrid, Galería Tlapali in Madrid, and at Centro

Universitario de Cultura (CUC) in Mexico City.

Pedro Bayron

Born in Quito, Ecuador in 1953. He is currently living in Monterrey, Mexico. As an artist, and theatre instructor, he has traveled extensively throughout America: United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Colombia.

Rafael Teniente

Born in Monterrey, Mexico. He has a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. He is also a self-taugh artist in different techniques such as oil, acrylic, and many others. Has held exhibitions in places like Centro de las Artes and Museo Metropolitano de Monterrey. He was also part of the Florence Biennale 2007, making it one of his most important exhibitions to date.

“I do what I do because it overtakes me; I mean that there is something stronger than will, and I believe this is what is called vocation. I’m driven by a sort of primitive instinct, such as the concept of abstract painting. Style was a discovery born from the freedom I chose, a creator’s absolute freedom, the unique and authentic liberty of letting oneself go, and such boldness is expressed in my work.”

Rebecca Grant

Rebecca was born in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Her life has always revolved around the performing arts: acting, singing and dancing; she loves painting the human figure. Her paintings have been exhibited in Wandsworth Art Fringe Festival and in Water Contemporary Art Gallery, in London. She also participated in “Mothers”, a private exhibition in London.

Her personal motivation and enthusiasm to create something unique has been the driving force of her work. In her opinion, each artist is an incomparable individual, as is the work each one of them creates.

Her style expresses her own worldview: bold strokes in which each color can be observed. Her work deploys her heart, her mind and her infant soul. Likewise, she is inspired by her grandfather’s work, Raymond de Longueuil.

“When I take my distance from the canvas and see in it my deepest thoughts and dreams, I feel inspired and fulfilled”.