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The Lead: Range of Hardness

For drawing and sketching, the hardness of the lead is one of the most important points. There is not one hardness of lead that is ideal, since it will depend on what you will be drawing. A soft lead will make a darker mark, while a hard lead will deliver a lighter one. This unique pencil gives you 3 options. We have placed in it the most commonly requested ones: 2H, HB and 2B, but you can always replace them with another hardness’s of your choice since the sizes are standard.

How To Operate

How To Load Leads

How To Un-Jam Leads

The Tutto3 mechanical pencil was featured on the website Touch of Modern (ToMo) . ToMo is a members-only eCommerce website and app focus on selling lifestyle products, fashion, and accessories to men.  The company is based company is based in San Francisco, California and was launched in March 2012.

Tutto3 was on ToMo from November 10th to the 15th and sold over 200 units. Tutto3 is going to be again from May 1st to May 5th. We thank ToMo for the support and for having us on their platform.

Gravity Inspired Mechanism

It includes 3 different calibers of leads: 0.3, 0.5, and 0.7 mm. Additionally, they come in 2H, HB, 2B hardness, and has an almost magical mechanism based on gravity; Simply face the icon of the caliber lead you desire, push the back button, and your lead will come out.


If you are an artist, you know that you will work with this instrument for many hours on end. Some times for the whole day. You definitely don’t want to be fighting with the pencil to keep the tip on the paper. A well balanced mechanical pencil is one that keeps the tip on the paper by itself, without any effort required from the user. With an instrument like this, you can work all day without even thinking about it.

Retractable sleeve

The metal lead sleeve is fully retractable so as to protect the tip and the sleeve when it is not in use, in addition to protecting your shirt or pants when you are carrying it! Push the silver button on the upper side to instantly retract the tip of the pencil, to store it or to select another lead.



Replacing Leads

When replacing leads make sure to insert the right diameter leads in the right barrel (i.e. 0.3, 0.5 or 0.7mm). To help you identify each barrel, lines have been engraved toward the tip as follows:

No line/ = 0.3mm

1 line/ = 0.5mm

2 lines/ = 0.7mm

IMPORTANT: When loading the 0.7 mm leads we do not recommend to load more than 1 at a time, as they may jam when coming down (see the diagram). However, if you load one and push it through the mechanism by clicking the back button, you may safely load a second one in the barrel as spare.

Note: We recommend using only high quality polymer leads, as lower grade leads could be slightly bent, and it can jam in the mechanism (specially the 0.3 leads which are more delicate).

1. That there is at least 1 spare lead in the proper compartment.

2. Make sure the right caliber leads were inserted in the right compartments.

3. If the correct leads are in the barrel and you are clicking the back button repetitively, with the pencil in a vertical position so the lead comes out by gravity, and the lead is not coming out, there may be a jam. Refer to proper video for instructions.

The Tutto3® by ArtistLeonardo is a mechanical pencil designed by artists.