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Tutto3 allows you to have a precision, 3-in-one mechanical pencil used by professional artists. With this, you recieve extra sets of leads including: 0.3mm 2H (hard), 0.5mm HB (medium), and 0.7mm 2B (soft). Apart from that, you receive a set of blue 0.5mm leads and 2 erasers.

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Tutto3 mechanical pencil is now available!

The Tutto3 mechanical pencil was created to be the best choice of mechanical pencils for artists and designers. With the innovative design you will be able to create masterpieces while on the go!

  • Three in one: for an artist, the hardness and caliber of the leads are of primary importance when choosing a mechanical pencil. With the Tutto3 you will have it all in one! It comes with 0.3 2H (hard), 0.5 HB (medium) and 0.7 2B (soft). Therefore, from light to dark, from thin to thick, you will have the full range at your fingertips. The leads included are of artistic grade polymer, ideal for drawing. (They are of standard size so that they can be interchangeable with other brands).
  • The set includes single boxes with 12 mines of each caliber and, as a gift, you will also receive blue cables. It also includes 2 spare tires so that you win, you won’t have to worry for a while. At the appropriate time, both mines and tyres are of standard size and therefore easily available.
  • State-of-the-art: The Tutto3 Mechanical Pencil has a gravity-based mechanism: just turn the desired gauge icon, press the back button and the leash will come out.
  • High quality: produced in Japan with top quality technology and materials. We have not compromised, the body is made of brass.
    Fully retractable housing: The metal sheath is fully retractable to protect the tip and sleeve when not in use and to protect the shirt or pants when carrying it. 
  • Perfect for longn use: Artists tend to hold their mechanical pencils for extended periods of time, thats why the Tutto3 balances perfectly in the hand.

Makes sure to get your Tutto3 Mechanical Pencil ASAP as they are limited on availability! We ship worlwide!

Weight.96 kg
Dimensions14.4 × .9 × 1.2 cm

Black, Silver

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