When do I become an art collector? What does it mean to be a collector?

Hello, every time I will start an art conversation, I will have a quote to share start with: Man looking at an art exhibition with a painting in the foreground.

"Everybody wants a piece of art, but they don't know it."

Yes, I believe that art is necessary, it's part of life, and it makes you happy. Normally, your first piece of art is bought by a need of having to hang something in a specific place for decoration, usually in a new home or office, in order to have a better-looking space. And a lot of times, everybody is worried about the combination of color and size, more than the piece itself. It should be exactly the opposite, this because the art piece will be there for months, years, or decades, so you need to be sure you like it. Its something you will be looking at it every day, and for me, this is the most important rule of buying art: You should buy the piece you feel the need to have, that way you will repeat this feeling every time you look at it, which is the point. You need to have the emotional gratification the moment you buy it, which needs to be the feeling you get every time you look at it. So, the point is to start collecting things that make you feel happy, strong, remind you of good times, people, and moments. You put all of this together, that is what life's all about. Art comes in so many different forms, and you will be moving around them in your journey through life, so start as soon as you possibly can. The best way to start your collection is with the piece you like the most, and the one you can afford. Don't worry about being an art expert, just pick the one that moves you. This is the best way to start, and please don't worry if it matches your carpet, sofa, or table, at the end of the day, the art piece is what matters.   Manuel Otero President - O Art International www.oartinternational.com
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