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O Gallery

An emergent art division of O Art International which exhibits, in its physical and virtual galleries, artwork of more than 15 artists worldwide.


O Art

Renowned artists exhibited by O Art International. Unique and original artwork of great masters, such as Alfredo Castañeda and Enrique García Saucedo, is exclusively displayed at the gallery.


O Sculptures

Unique and original sculptures of great masters, such as Leonardo Pereznieto and Francesca Dalla Benneta, are exclusively displayed at the gallery.


O Products

The Tutto3 mechanical pencil was featured on the website Touch of Modern (ToMo) . ToMo is a members-only eCommerce website and app focus on selling lifestyle products, fashion, and accessories to men.

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When do I become an art collector? What does it mean to be a collector?

Hello, every time I will start an art conversation, I will have a quote to share start with:"Everybody wants...

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New Website and Artists!

Welcome to the new website of O Art International!This new website brings new and exciting things. Make sure to...

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